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Plant-Based Ready Made Food for All

We are the step to help you transition from a meat-eating diet to a high-protein, plant-based one. We have developed unique recipes of a diverse range of nutritionally balanced meals packed with rich ingredients and colourful flavours.

ifood exports to europe

After a brilliant start in Sweden, we will soon be able to offer our products on the European market! We will start exporting to the mecka for everyone who loves plant-based food - Berlin. This cozy and genuine city has often been voted as one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world!

a focus on good, clean food

All of our products are free from GMOs, we have also replaced palm oil with soy oil to help combat deforestation. The production takes place in Varberg, Sweden with both the consumer and retailer in mind.

about iFood

Sourced in Malaysia, the base of iFood’s recipes is made out of soybeans, soybean powder, fermented soybean paste and soybean oil. Fermenting soy is a traditional method that has been used in Asia for hundreds of years. First, the soybeans are soaked in water and are then being fermented with the micro mushroom Rhitzopus Oligosporus. The result is a more healthier and tastier product. During fermentation, the level of phytate decreases, this reduction helps our bodies absorb higher proportions of calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc. From the mix, we then create a paste which is being mixed with a dried, fermented soy sauce.

In order to get the right textures, fibres are created using wheat or soy starch. The end result is greatly reliant upon the number of fibres and how they have been treated. iFood’s fibres are washed rigorously to ensure for a clean taste. The type of starch used varies upon the ingredients we are using. In some dishes we use mushroom fibres or seaweed fibres instead of wheat or soy.

In some products we also use mushroom fibers in order to get the right structure, and in other products we use seaweeds. We do not only use one type of soybean product, but we manufacture unique ones depending on the product that we will use it for.

Our aim to is ensure high-quality, plant-based food with fresh flavours and nutritional goodness. iFood is prepared in Varberg, Sweden, and we are supplying to Sweden’s largest grocery store - ICA. The demand for plant-based food is constantly growing, with more people opting in to have more healthier and environmentally friendly meals throughout the week.


- consumer packages -

Masala Bean & Lentil's Stew

Lentils and beans with chilli marinated iFood bites. Flavoured with gara masala, curry, fresh ginger and coriander. Enjoy the dish as it is, or add water to create a soup.

Devilled sri lankan rice/chili

A Sri Lankan chili stew with iFood curry bites, peppers, red onions, ginger, curry paste, garlic and coriander. "Devilled" is a Sri Lankan expression when you are adding something spicy, for example chili paste. Served with yellow basmati rice that has been boiled in coconut water.

Chili Con Not Carne

iFood vegan farce in a musty tomato & chilli sauce flavoured with cumin, coriander, garlic, chili and jalapeno. Served with a South American frijoles (bean mix). Eat it as it is, or combine it with your favourite side dish.

Carusos Risoni Napolitana

iFoods vegan farce in a musty Napolitan tomato & chilli sauce with beans, olives and sun dried tomatoes. Flavoured with basil, thyme, garlic and ginger. Served on a bed of risoni pasta.


Three heavy and filling plant-based skewers served in a sweet chilli & mango sauce with a tad of smoked hickory aroma. Flavored with fresh ginger, coriander, and more.
Consumer Package

bbq skewers malaysian curry

Three heavy and filling plant-based skewers in a sauce made from various curries and pastes, roasted paprika, chili, coriander, plenty of fresh coriander, ginger and garlic.
Consumer Package

bbq skewers whiskey/red pepper

Three heavy and filling plant-based chili skewers in an exciting sauce based on pepper, whiskey, a lightly smoked bbq sauce and roasted chilli. Flavoured with fresh ginger and coriander.
Consumer Package

Indian curry delicacy

This is a complete plant-based Indian dish. Curry casserole with different curry pastes in a filling curry/coriander sauce with beans, lentils, chickpeas, plenty of fresh ginger, coriander and garlic.
Consumer Package

curry & chili satay dinner

Two of our plant-based skewers (one chili flavoured and one curry flavoured) on a bed of wheat noodles and vegetables that have been woked in a Japanese sauce.
Consumer Package

- Big Packs -

woked noodles

Vegan wheat noodles and vegetables woked in a Japanese sauce. Flavoured with fresh ginger and coriander. Made to be sold over the counter. Mix with any of the skewers to create a complete dish, or sell the pack as it is for the big family.
Weight: approx 1 kg

vego skewers asian bbq

Heavy and filling plant-based chili skewers in an Asian bbq sauce with an exciting flavor composition consisting of plum, chilli, orange, lime, whiskey, curry, fresh ginger, garlic and more. Made to be sold over the counter. Mix with the noodles or the Thai skewers to create a complete dish, or sell the pack as it is for the big family.
Weight: approx 1 kg

vego skewers red thai

Heavy and filling plant-based thai skewers in a sweet chilli & mango sauce, flavoured with fresh garlic, ginger and coriander. Made to be sold over the counter. Mix with the noodles or the Bbq skewers to create a complete dish, or sell the pack as it is for the big family.
Weight: approx 1 kg



Plant-based indian chay stew with curry, lentils and various beans.

Sold in the manual dish and can be combined with our good wine rack or our white rice.


Plant-based chay dish in a fresh tomato & chili sauce, served with various types of beans, sun dried tomatoes, olives, ginger and garlic.

To be sold over the counter. Enjoy it as it is, or combine with our or Wheat Berry Mix or White Rice.


Plant-based chay in a tasty and fresh red curry sauce, made in a Thai fashion.

To be sold over the counter. Preferably combined with our tasty Vindaloo Rice or our White Rice.

vindaloo rice

Our spicy rice with Indian curry and saffron.

white rice

Boiled white non-sticky rice that is a perfect combination to our various chay dishes.

wheat berry mix

Wheat Berry with olive oil, red onions, sun dried tomatoes, garlic and olives.

why plant-based?

Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean


More people are becoming open to the idea of reducing meat-consumption. One barrier to making the transition is a stereotype that vegan food lacks in flavour, is dull and not filling. iFood is here to change that, providing ready-made meals that pack a flavourful punch and will appeal to everyone.

We currently sell our products predominately at Swedish ICA; ICA Maxi, Supermarket, Kvantum and Nära.

Can't find our products at your local store? Notify your store manager or let us know of your preferred location/store.


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